A Note from Curtin in Uganda

I received this kind note this morning:

Dear Tom,, Our school and I extend sincere  greetings to you, we thank God  for the gift of life and we can’t  take it for granted.
Every 60 seconds… a family gets water, a hungry child is fed or goes to school , a family receives the tools to overcome poverty. This could be Uganda, South Sudan or Haiti because of your passionate heart to serve humanity aboverself. The seeds of kindness you plant today, will bloom in hearts that you touch, forever .
We thank you for being  part of  our journey @Curtin
With Gratitude,
Augustus Kagyene .

This brings joy to our hearts….to know that our efforts are not in vain.  To our donors, we are sincerely grateful as you join us in our battle against poverty, suppression and evil in our world.  While we cannot save all, we can save one life at a time!

Tom Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc. dba givenet.org/curtin