Barr Christian Vocational Center

Lira District of Northern Uganda

Rev. Amuca is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Barr Christian Vocational Center in the Lira District of Northern Uganda.  He was born in the Village of Ayria in the same district.  He is married with 5 children.

David received a Certificate in Theology from Gulu Theological College and a Certificate of Recognition from the Barr Sub Grade School.  Rev. Amuca is an ordained reverend in the Barr Anglican Church.

Barr Christian Vocational Center is an Anglican church charity, based in Ayira parish, Barr sub-county, Lira District, 12 km east of Lira town - Aloi road, Northern Uganda.

Some 20 orphans and young adults are in educational programs at Barr.  Rev. Amuca oversees the programs at Barr and we are grateful for his dedication.