Curtin Child Learning center (CLICCS)


Curtin Child Learning center (CLICCS) is both a nursery & Primary School serving underserved Children & Youth at risk in Sembabule District Uganda. Our focus is to provide inclusive Education to the rural child whilst eradicating child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and Child labor to improve Literacy & numeracy skill sets & Completion levels. We also skill our children in basic vocational skills (Knitting, tailoring, Bakery & Farming among others. Our school is also championing climate change mitigation measures (Tree planting) where we have managed to plant 5 acres as a school & over 30 acres amongst the school community.

 Our school has been operating since 2017 with 655 Pupils where 360 are girls & 295 boys with an age range of 03-15 years old with a 24-team of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Like any social Enterprise, an increase in enrollment means the need to have more facilities in place& these include;

  • Computer lab (Partly funded & construction in progress)
  • School administration block
  • Boarding section to cater to distant children.
  • School Kitchen/Dining
  • Staff Quarters to accommodate teachers and/or School volunteers.
  • 4 Water plastic tanks that can harvest about 100,000 liters of rainwater for school use since we have no access to gravity/Piped water.

“Please help us finish our new computer labs in Uganda.
We need $12000 to complete.

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