Curtin Child Learning center (CLICCS)


Curtin Child Learning center (CLICCS) is both a nursery & Primary School serving underserved Children & Youth at risk in Sembabule District Uganda. Our focus is to provide inclusive Education to the rural child whilst eradicating child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and Child labor to improve Literacy & numeracy skill sets & Completion levels. We also skill our children in basic vocational skills (Knitting, tailoring, Bakery & Farming among others. Our school is also championing climate change mitigation measures (Tree planting) where we have managed to plant 5 acres as a school & over 30 acres amongst the school community.

 Our school has been operating since 2017 with 655 Pupils where 360 are girls & 295 boys with an age range of 03-15 years old with a 24-team of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Like any social Enterprise, an increase in enrollment means the need to have more facilities in place& these include;

  • Computer lab (Partly funded & construction in progress)
  • School administration block
  • Boarding section to cater to distant children.
  • School Kitchen/Dining
  • Staff Quarters to accommodate teachers and/or School volunteers.
  • 4 Water plastic tanks that can harvest about 100,000 liters of rainwater for school use since we have no access to gravity/Piped water.

Director's Biography

Born in 1984, I am the third child to my late peasant parents who passed on in 1994 & 2003 respectively. I attended my Primary School from aunt's place & O'level from my home village but I would walk 15 miles to access Secondary School.

My mother was illiterate but passionate about seeing me study as she used to sell on market day (Friday) once a week. During my level results, I failed by one mark to make a first grade & since I couldn't handle fees for A'level, my late Mummy advised me to Join a Primary Teacher College & attend a two-year course (2003-2005). Unfortunately, my Mum passed on in 2003, the same year I joined college, and she never lived to enjoy her fruits of hard work. 

Having finished that course in mid 2005, I worked teaching in a school for two years but my heart wasn't settled. I needed to do A'level. I used my salary savings & joined  A‘level in 2007, not sure of securing a government scholarship, a good Samaritan picked interest in my performance (20 Points) History, Economics, Geography & Divinity 4BBBC and paid my university tuition 2009-2012 at Makerere University Kampala. 

Having secured such an opportunity, I said to myself "I have to set up a school to serve underserved children”. To have this materialize, I got a formal job in 2014 & saved about $1500 ~ 3.5M Ugx to purchase Land in 2016 where our School, Curtin Child Learning Center (CLICCS) currently operates.

 It took me two years to save $1500, where $1000 was for land & $500 is what was used for two initial classes rooms. Some community members laughed me off that it was a joke to open a school with two classes, no toilet, no office or even makeshift kitchen to prepare meals.

Whereas I still rent where I stay with my wife plus 3 little kids (two girls & a boy), it gives me pleasure to continue using part of my little salary whenever I picture where our school has come from. Kind hearted people like who have come on board to give us more support! 

All in all, it's good to give than to receive and we can't help all but one child a time! I was supported to finish my university & the school. Our school has helped over 300 school children whose chances to access basic were minimal!

"We raise a child" @Curtin Child Learning Center, In God We Trust.
Augustus Kagyene

“Please help us finish our new computer labs in Uganda.
We need $5000 to complete.

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