David Amuca Plead

I received this email this morning regarding the tenuous condition of our friend, Rev David Amuca of Barr Christian Vocational Center in northern Uganda.  Over the past few years, we have participated in helping them build a classroom for their student classes which were previously meeting under a large tree weather permitting.

Rev. David’s health is failing and it is his wish to see the classroom building completed.  We need $3000 to finish the building and render it effective for the students. Please consider helping us bring closure to Rev. David’s ministry and life.

Dear TOM
We thank and praise God the Almighty for keeping and guiding us through Easter celebrations, and i hope you are fine as well. Rev. David is still very weak and sickly and his hope is in you and praying that God gives you some little funds soon so that he can witness the classrooms finish before God calls him any time from now.
Because of too much stress we have about Rev. David’s sickness and much worries about is health, i would like to send you my personal request to you to assist us with any little funds you have so that we can finish the classrooms before God calls Rev. David to him in heaven, and all our stress will be over if the classrooms are finished soon.
Hoping for the best from you soon and may God the Almighty bless you and your work abundantly
Yours faithfully
Sister Miriam