The situation in Haiti has never been worse.  Gangs control the streets and it’s unsafe, not only for foreigners but Haitians also, to leave the security of their homes.  Haiti has no president.  The controlling government is headed by a prime minister who, according to reports, is sympathetic to gangs.  Why?  Money!.  Government officials and Haitian police are being paid by the gangs to give them unbridled access to the city.  Gangs make their money from kidnappings.  Recently an American Haitian couple was kidnapped and their ransom was posted at $200,000 each.  The US State Department has Haiti at a Level 4…DO NOT TRAVEL.  This, of course, affects many Haitian orphans whose very survival depends upon US missionaries and donations.

Family Care Haiti, the orphanage we support, is struggling.  It’s dangerous for Fritz and the staff to leave the orphanage to buy food and supplies for the kids.  It’s vital that we support Fritz during this challenging time.  His ongoing work not only protects the lives of the existing orphans but allows him to help other children.  Let’s let Fritz know we love and support his incredible dedication to his kids.  Thank you for your generosity.


Tom Murphy