Haiti Update

News from Haiti seems to be getting worse. Our “man-on-the-ground” Bobby was able to buy a piece of land several years ago to build a house for himself and his fiancé.  He worked on the house as he could afford materials and was dedicated to completing the job a whatever cost.

Last week, gangs invaded his neighborhood burning down, not only Bobby’s house, but other houses in the area.  They killed residents at random with no apparent reason other than pure evil.

We are getting messages that the citizens of Port-au-Prince are fighting back.  Since the government and police are controlled by gangs, the people have no protection.  Citizens are beginning to focus on road blocks by gang members and attacking them with knives.  Guns are hard to find for citizens and expensive.  As we have seen in many civil war scenarios in history, the PEOPLE will rise up when there are no other options.

What does this mean for our orphanage?  Food prices are soaring.  Coupled with the fact that when Fritz and his staff go out for food and supplies, they risk their own lives.  We pray for safety for our kids and staff.

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Tom Murphy, President

Child Hope Worldwide Inc dba givenet.org