Haiti Violence

Haiti continues to face devastating consequences of unprecedented street violence.  Gangs still control Port au Prince and Haitian citizens literally risk their lives to leave their homes to find food and essentials.

The streets of Port au Prince are a war zone.

A Presidential Council is attempting to be formed to begin elections and form a viable government.  However, corruption and greed prevail and continue to block progress.  And, of course, the Haitian people…the children… are the victims.
We have individuals who live in Port au Prince and are able to feed children on the streets.  When we receive a donation through givenet.org/haiti-crisis, we forward the funds to our contacts who immediately buy food and essentials to help adults and children who live in peril.  There is no “red tape” or delay.  Your donation hits the streets of Port au Prince within days!
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Tom Murphy, President
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