Hope in Uganda

I received this email from the director of Curtin Child Learning Center in Uganda.  We are very proud of this young man and congratulate him for his achievement.

Greetings Tom,I hope you are well.
One of our pupils Atuhaire Shadia was amongst the top three Pupils selected from the entire district of Sembabule to participate in national Athlete Competitions due in May 2024.
We can’t treat such milestone as minor achievement , it’s sign of your rooted support to see Children at risk get better lives  by creating a favourable environment at our School!
With Gratitude,
Augustus Kagyene .
This is but one example of why we do what we do.  This young man has hope for a better life because of.your generosity.  No one knows what his future holds.  Perhaps he will be an Olympian.  Perhaps he will become a teacher and help other less-fortunate children fulfill their dreams.
We are in the business of “giving hope to the hopeless” and your support makes it happen.
Tom Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc., dba givenet.org