Hot Dogs and Fireworks

Many of us celebrated American’s freedom this past July 4.  It was a natural response to buy hot dogs and fireworks to commemorate our nation’s Declaration of Independence and most of us didn’t worry about spending a few dollars to enjoy a holiday with friends and family.

But imagine living in a country without an abundance of food and resources to simply enjoy holiday festivities.  Or imagine being unable to leave one’s home for fear of being kidnapped or even murdered.  Haiti became a free republic on January 1, 1804 but today, it hardly seems reasonable to celebrate.  Gangs continue to control Port au Prince and other areas of the country and residents fear for their lives as they venture from their homes for routine shopping.

Our non-profit parent company is Child Hope Worldwide Inc and the operative word is “hope”.  We seek to give hope to the children and adults living in this very difficult environment.

In many parts of Africa, independence is non-existent.  Government corruption dominates political and social systems and fear rules in the hearts of the people.  We support schools that feed and educate African children.  Knowledge is power and the hope of a peaceful, productive future lies in the hearts of the children.

As we celebrate American’s independence, let us not forget those who struggle in war-torn countries.  Our causes depend upon you and me for their very existence.  Let’s not let them down.

Tom Murphy, President