It’s Grillin’ Time

Spring is in the air and it’s time for outdoor festivities including some serious GRILLIN’.  We all love our charcoaled hamburgers, hot dogs, chickens and steaks.  It’s a special time with friends and family.

We are blessed to be able to enjoy such times without fear of lack or harm.  Yet, millions of children and adults never have such pleasures.

At our schools in Uganda and Kenya, students enjoy a bowl of rice and beans and occasional chicken thanks to the generosity of compassionate donors.

In Haiti, children and adults are starving; they fear for their lives as they go to the supermarket in hopes of finding food.  A meal a day is a luxury.  To a hungry child, a piece of bread is a feast.

As. you enjoy your bounty, please join us in helping those less fortunate not only enjoy a good meal but survive a very trying and difficult time in their country.

Your $100 donation will feed 10 people in Haiti.

Become a givenet Angel for only 55 cents a day.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Tom Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc. dba