Rev. David Amuca

I first met Rev. David when I began Child Hope Worldwide Inc in 2018. He impressed me as being a dedicated, faithful servant to the people of his community in Uganda. We helped him build a new building for his school so that his students had a dry place fo meet. The messages received from David have always been an inspiration to me and I cherish his love and commitment. Unfortunately, David’s days on this earth are numbered as he is very ill. He has lost his eye site and but continues to reach out for his children.

Attached is a newsletter I received from Miriam Achola who will be assuming his responsibilities.

Dear TOM
We at Barr Christian vocational center warmly send our greetings to you and wish you joy of heart as we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which has made it possible for us to pray to God directly through him, Jesus Christ.

Most especially Rev. David has sent his warmest greetings to you, praying for you to succeed in all your endeavors as you have always been because his life is now in the Hospital and at home basis and i am always with him in the Hospital and home.

His prayers is that you kindly do your best to get some small amount of funds to complete the classrooms so that even if he can not see now , he can touch and feel the walls clan and smooth for learners, and this will give him relief that even when is days are over those remaining will remember what he has done to the vulnerable community through your kindness.

I was with him for palm Sunday prayers yesterday and we went to his home to note his words. I remain hopefully that Rev. David will live to experience his dreams fulfilled.

We wish you once again a joyous Easter season and may God the Almighty bless you and your work abundantly.
Yours faithfully
Miriam Achola
Chair person
Barr Christian vocational center