We say THANKS!

On behalf of Family Care Haiti, Barr Christian Vocational Center in Uganda and Curtin Child Learning Center in Uganda….we say THANKS.

Your generosity and compassion for our kids is vital to our survival and we are forever grateful for  your support.

It’s hard for us to imagine having no parents to protect and nurture us; no one to tuck us in at night; no one to say “It’s going to be ok”; no one to guide us through difficult times in life; no one to love us unconditionally.  Millions of children are deprived of these basic needs and that’s why I do what I do.  I strive to bring “hope to the hopeless”.  The thought of a child waking up in the morning not knowing if they will have food that day weighs upon my heart.  I must do my part to fight poverty and illiteracy.

Thank you for joining me in this battle.

Tom Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc., dba givenet.org