At our mission is committed to the protection of abandoned street children providing a loving home, education, and the opportunity for each child to lead a productive life.

We serve poor countries whose children and youth struggle to survive daily. Our purpose is to empower them with food and essentials, education, clean water and vocational training.  We work at providing a supportive environment for children who may have experienced hunger, abuse and neglect.  Our children and youth range from ages 4 – 21 years old. offers the following primary components:

Orphanage: Family Care Haiti, located in Port-a-Prince, is a faith-based family children’s home that partners with  This is home to 30 children ages 4 – 17 and is compliant with government standards of care for children and youth.

Educational Services: True Hope Academy Haiti, A full-day school serving approximately 30 students ranging from 5 to 17 years old. Our objective is to provide youth with additional skills to equip them with a better chance of employment in Haiti, leading to a more productive life.

Vocational/Trade Schools: Two vocational programs, one in Haiti, The Career Hope Initiative Program, and, The Barr Vocational Center and Curtin Christian Center both located in Uganda. These vocational schools serve a total of 60 children ages 16 – 21 years old, and equips youth with job skills to thrive within their communities.

Our Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide support for institutions and individuals dedicated to saving and educating orphan children in primarily third world countries.  Our essential products are physical security, education and hope.